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    @JillCav​anaugh I agree that sounds more like a set up issue with the component requirements than a Mac issue but we can definitely look into both. If you can sent a ticket to help@commpartners.com with a specific product example and a specific user example ...

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    That to me sounds like an issue with the component setup. Did you check to make sure that the component has a minimum viewing time or check the completion requirements of a SCORM course? Is this only Mac users, because this type of action should be independent ...

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    Over time, we have received multiple calls from Mac users in regards to virtual content. Whether it be a webinar or virtual conference, the users have said that once they register for a product, it automatically marks it as complete without them even ...


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  • Most associations rely on informal processes to guide innovation with their education programs. Too often professional development staff and volunteer leaders “design at the white board.” Without a validated understanding of the challenges their members face, leaders fall into the trap of costly program development that they ultimately discover does deliver an adequate return on their investment.
  • In a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world where associations and their members are forced to adapt and respond to change, leaders need more than tactical and technical skills. The same strategies that U.S. Army leaders use to bolster resilience can help associations gain a mental edge and drive innovation.

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  • Online communities have become a valuable component of an organization’s engagement strategy.  According to the advisory firm IDC, the online community market will reach $1.2 billion dollars by 2019. A University of Michigan study found that customers / members spent 19 per cent more after joining a company’s online community. Paralleling the growth of online []
  • Guest blog by Jake Fabbri, Senior Vice President, Marketing Fonteva, Inc. Whether it’s online courses, learning sessions, discussion forums, streaming seminars, or live webinars — when it comes to eLearning and the value it can bring to your organization, the possibilities are endless! You might already understand the value of eLearning from a marketing []

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