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    Going Virtual

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    During the last five weeks, CommPartners has seen an enormous increase in requests as organizations were forced to cancel their on-site events.  Our clients are our number one priority, however, we have reached our capacity for the months of April, May, ...

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    Hello, I am new to Elevate but there is very little info on Elevate help or support pages about working with Zoom webinars, other than how to integrate accounts.  I am tasked with managing Zoom webcasts for our new Elevate account. Does anyone have ...

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    @Connie Wildeman Good question- this is not a current feature but its high on the wish list for Admins and also high on our roadmap to address. ​ ------------------------------ Jen Livingston Operations Manager CommPartners Columbia MD 443-733-1188 ...


We are excited to officially announce and welcome you to our online community, CommPartners Connect! This online community was created for e-learning professionals and Elevate LMS Administrators to better understand how other organizations are advancing their e-learning strategies.

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  • Hear Event Garde, CEO, Aaron Wolowiec and CommPartners, CEO, Rich Finstein, share how important it is for learners to receive more personalized learning recommendations. These pathways could be for stand-alone courses or a clear path comprising of a series of learning interventions, resulting in greater engagement and a higher return on their investment.
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    What must we do to deliver results by design? Let’s talk about connecting the dots between intention and outcome in our learning portfolio.

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